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Road trip: through the heart of Scottish Highlands and magical Hebride Islands

Copper mountains, streams and waterfalls, spectacular wildlife and the lonely landscapes; the Scottish Highlands harbour some of the largest areas of wilderness left in Europe. The remote Outer Hebrides, a unique archipelago lying off the northwest coast of Scotland, offer a great escape from it all. This road trip takes you to unspoiled nature and […]

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Experience Nomadic life in Mongolia – A journey back in time

Nomadic life in Mongolia With over 900,000 nomads living in the wonderful steppes of Mongolia, Mongolian nomads are one of the largest and the last remaining nomadic cultures in the world. They live in small circular temporary yurts, popularly called as “Gers” in Mongolia, and move from one place to another six to eight times […]

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Caribbean paradise in Scottish Highlands

The beaches of Scottish Highlands are so spectacular that they would make you ditch the Caribbean islands. Discover the deserted, unspoiled, powder-white sand of the Hebrides and let yourself soak into the unique and calming atmosphere. The beaches of Hebrides offer a great escape into their natural treasures, that too, without a touristy buzz. Isle […]

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